The Power of No

Do you often say ‘Yes’ when you need to be saying ‘No’?

How often do you say ‘No’?

When you know you need to, Do you utilise the word?

Do you say ‘Yes’ out of internally felt obligation?

You need to stop. Stop saying ‘Yes’ out of obligation and start saying ‘No’.

Is ‘No’ triggering to you?

When we do things out of obligation, Instead of being true to who we are.. We show up with a different energy. Negative energy. We show up dragging our feet, uninterested, and don’t perform at our best. (yes, we do probably still do a good job.. but not a great job)

When we say ‘No’ to things that we would’ve once said ‘Yes’ to, We then show up with such a more powerful version of ourselves.

If, when you were two years old, your ability to utilise your ‘No’ voice was shut down. Like mine was, you can become a people pleaser. Did you know.. More than 80% of business owners in Australia today are people pleasers?


80% of Business owners in Australia are saying ‘Yes’ to things when they need to be saying ‘No’. They need to be saying ‘No’ to deals that are not mutually beneficial or rewarding, ‘No’ to the wrong kind of clients, ‘No’ to the Wrong Gut Feeling sales and especially saying ‘No’ to the things that fall out of their scope and don’t really feel comfortable doing.

Sometimes we think if we say ‘No’ to something.. We might lose the deal but often when we say ‘Yes’ to the deal when we know we should be saying ‘No’ to it.. to the deal completely or to a component of the deal, we don’t love that deal.

We don’t love those clients. We don’t love what we are doing when we say ‘No’.

When we make those deals that sing to us, we are all about it! It makes us happy..
We show up with extra energy.
We show up loving what we are doing.

We show up in every way possible plus more.

Thinking, this is fantastic! We will want to do more of them.

I want you to start practicing using ‘No’ more in your life, not showing up and saying ‘Yes’, and people pleasing to other people showing up and saying ‘Yes’ to yourself and saying ‘No’ to the other people.

Often when we say ‘Yes’ to somebody else, we in turn are saying ‘No’ to ourselves.

We need to matter.
We need to count on ourselves.
So we need to utilise and learn to use the power of ‘No’ so we can do better for ourselves and for our customers and clients

Mary Jensen
Mindset Master and Behaviour Specialist
M Power Services

About the Author

Mary Jensen has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally.