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This mastermind is designed for High Performance Executive Leaders to push past their comfort zones and open their perspectives to explore and propel their thinking to the next level.

High Performing Executive Leaders have the task of leading, empowering and inspiring their talent and teams to not only get their jobs done but to perform well by meeting and exceeding KPI’s, targets and timelines.

Leading teams requires you to have diverse thinking capabilities, be outcome focused and have the ability to communicate and cater to the learning and communication styles of your entire team.

Sharing what has, and has not worked with other like minded Executives, provides the unique ability to fast track your teams growth and success.



Online Accessible Resources

Access to videos, worksheets, tools and audio created by M Power Services aiming to assist you with shared leadership challenges and road blocks. Many High Performing Leaders have common re-occurring challenges that are easily fixed with the right framework, mentorship and leadership guidance.

Invitation Only Facebook Group

Share your leadership issues, challenges, roadblocks and successes with other high performing leadership members in the M Power Empowered By You Mastermind Facebook Group.

Private Invite only Weekly Webinars

Access to a weekly Executives webinar with M Power Services coaches, where in real time you can share current challenges that are being faced within your team and together can breakdown and tackle them from widened perspectives. This is a space to share knowledge, challenges, leaps, and to celebrate and reward the positive outcomes and results.


Navigate the Impossible

Navigate the Impossible is Stage 4 of the “Empower the Leader Within” program. With the successful completion of stages 1 to 3 we are then able to commence adjusting to the new possibilities within reach. Learning and implementing inductive thinking rather than deductive thinking, testing the boundaries and seeing failure as a pathway forward rather than a roadblock. By thinking the same way we have always thought our results and outcomes are predictable based on our previous results and outcomes but by changing the way we think we create better results, different outcomes and a new space for forward thinking and continuous improvement.

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