Perspectives and Perceptions

What makes us see what we see?

When looking at the number ‘8’..

Do we see an Eight?
Do we see the Infinity Symbol?
Do we see a Wave?
Do we see a Pretzel?
Does it make us feel Hungry?
Do we see a strand of DNA?

What makes ‘Think’ about what we see?

Our history.
The things that we’ve seen in our life.

The different experiences that we’ve had.
Whether we look for comfort, safety, adventure or security.

It’s how we are wired.

Can we change these things..?

We can, We can absolutely change them.

I want to share with you a quick story about my husband and I driving out of our driveway one afternoon.

Our neighbours across the road from us had recently put a camera on the front of their house and I was like:

“Oh my!
Is that a camera?
Does that take the front of our house?
Is that an invasion of our privacy?
Oh my God.
Does that look into our bedroom?” I was freaking out mode!

I had negative associations to the camera’s being installed.
I was not happy..
I was worried about our privacy and how that interfered with my life.

My husband took a totally different approach to the Camera’s being installed at the front of our neighbours property. His perspective and perception of the camera. Completely different to mine.

He said “Yes, It is a camera and yes it will take footage of the front of our house.. Isn’t it a great thing? Now our cars are protected.”

I was in shock.. I couldn’t believe we saw differently on this situation.. I also proudly did not change my mind about the camera’s either..

The camera itself is an innate object. no good or bad.. just an object. It doesn’t have a meaning. Other than that it is a camera designed to capture footage.

The good or the bad meaning is our Perception. What we make it mean. And I was making it mean a bad thing and my husband was making it mean a good thing at that point in time.

A week later.. The cars out the front of our house got broken into late in the night.. My Son’s recently purchased tools were stolen from the car. What did I do?

Yep, Dam straight I did! I walked straight across the road to speak with my neighbours to see if the camera had caught the footage of the break in. It had. They happily gave us a copy of the footage to provide to the police and the Insurance Company. Winner!

I did now change my mind about the camera’s, They protected my home.. They protected my children’s cars. We were able to get footage of the break ins and pass it along to the police and the Insurance Companies also creating a more seamless experience to replace the stolen items.

So there are incidences where we will have a meaning, a perception, a perspective about something.. and we can be questioned and asked great questions about it.. or see the circumstances change in that situation and that will change our perspectives and our perceptions.

Imagine how powerful this is in business?
If you need to change a perspective, or if you need to change a perception about something in your business, about a client, about a customer, about a job, about an outcome,

What difference can being able to change your perspective to infinite perspectives and lots of different possibilities bring into your work relationships?

What could that do for you in your business?

Mary Jensen
Mindset Master and Behaviour Specialist
M Power Services

About the Author

Mary Jensen has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally.