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We are passionate about driving change and working with individuals and teams that share the same goals.

We like to empower people. M Power Services has a strong focus on results, profit return and internal efficiencies, high attention to detail and deadlines. We have the ability to lead and inspire individuals and empower teams to improved performance.

Mary Jensen

Mary has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally.

Mary Jensen, the visionary force behind M Power Services!

With over 30 years of experience navigating the ever-changing landscape of finance and orchestrating successful mergers and acquisitions, Mary Jensen is a true industry titan. Her extensive knowledge in financial strategies, risk management, and corporate restructuring makes her a powerful force. Coupled with retraining in Human Behaviour, Mary brings a balance of EQ and IQ to think critically and adapt to dynamic market conditions. She shares invaluable lessons from her illustrious career, shedding light on how change and innovation are essential elements for sustainable growth and success in the corporate world.

Mary’s expertise in mergers and acquisitions adds a unique dimension. She weaves her hands-on experience with the intricacies of corporate deals into her work, providing a comprehensive understanding of the factors that drive transformative business decisions. Her tales of strategic negotiations and bold risk-taking inspire entrepreneurs and executives alike to approach all aspects of business with confidence and foresight.

But it’s not just about numbers and deals for Mary. Her focus on change, thinking, and perspectives remains at the heart of every discussion. By integrating her financial acumen with her profound insights into personal development and mindset, Mary empowers people to navigate uncertainty and embrace change with enthusiasm, unlocking their full potential both in business and life.

Her unwavering belief in the power of “anything is possible” becomes even more compelling when backed by three decades of seasoned experience, making her a truly remarkable and inspiring coach and mentor.

Linda Scott

Linda has worked with and for businesses for more than 30 years as a finance professional, in privately held and ASX listed companies, with experience across many and varied sectors. Linda has been an experienced strategic and operational executive leader, driving operations across finance and strategy, accountable for multi-million dollar budgets in foreign and domestic projects.

​After her own personal transformation journey and extensive retraining, Linda now works with CEOs and Executive Leaders to assist them to change their thinking and behaviour, to maximise their results and achieve their potential. This in turn directly impacts the bottom line of businesses, improving their financial results and accelerating business growth, and creates great outcomes for executive leaders personally.

Linda is a life-long learner, challenging her long held beliefs about the world and being curious about what she doesn’t know.

​She continues to train in and utilise the latest science and research-based methodologies, to assist her clients fast track their results and achieve their potential, including EDISC behaviour profiling, Meta Dynamics (NLP), positive psychology and neuroscience.

Linda has been married for over 25 years and has two wonderful daughters. She loves travelling, working out at the gym, running, the beach and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Mark Sandercock

Mark has been motivating and inspiring hundreds of people to tap into vulnerability and courage for more fulfilling relationships with self and others. His practical, no nonsense approach and life strategies always provide substantial results for those he coaches and mentors. Mark is a High Performance Mindset Coach and Mentor with over 25 years’ experience working with national companies in training and facilitation.

Mark’s appeal lies in his unique approach to share the trials, tribulations, vulnerabilities and adversities we are all so familiar with in assisting people with growth and personal transformations

Monica Sandercock

For over 15 years Monica has been working to develop teams and leaders to become more connected, resourceful and high performing. Monica has utilised her skills in Human Behaviour and Leadership to assist people in having better relationship with themselves so they can excel both in their personal and professional life.

Monica’s passion is assisting people in gaining awareness of who they truly are and bring out the best in themselves so they can experience a fulfilled life. She loves to continuously grow, evolve and learn in order to contribute to the lives of those around her.

Anna Bashkirova

Prior to coaching, Anna had a successful career in accounting and IT where she consulted finance professionals around accounting systems. This path led her to the realisation that most software implementation issues turned out to be people related. As a result, she devoted a few years to become a human behaviour specialist. Anna is a Professional Coach, qualified Extended DISC behavioural profiler, Meta Dynamics practitioner and a PROSCI certified change manager.

Anna is passionate about helping accounting and IT professionals to unlock their potential as organisational and business leaders by enhancing their soft skill. Anna’s clients appreciate her empathetic and personable coaching style.

Braith Bamkin

Braith is the Executive Director of BNI Melbourne Central as well as an engaging trainer and public speaker. BNI is the world’s largest professional referral and networking business.

Prior to BNI, Braith had spent most of his career in Telecommunications working for Nokia (when it was cool, before iPhones), Telstra and eventually 3 Mobile. It was 3 that transferred him from Sydney to Melbourne as state manager. Braith eventually moved into the bedding retail industry (because who doesn’t want more sleep), building the brand “Regal Sleep Solutions”.

As a National Sales Manager and store owner at Regal, Braith joined BNI as a member in 2009 and was so impressed with the system and the results he got, he bought the local BNI franchise. Braith now thrives on assisting members maximize their success in BNI and on average, members in his region generate more revenue than any other region in Australia.

Jules Matty

MPS HeadshoBt

Jules has run her own businesses and consulted in a variety of industries over 20 years, in both privately held and ASX listed Financial Companies.

Jules has experience as an Executive Consultant, driving operations across the Financial Divison during the merger of 2 ASX listed companies.

Furthermore, Jules is a committed life long learner, determined to grow with curiousity and a passion for encouraging companies worldwide to embrace emotional intelligience within their organisation and move away from the old school of leadership style being ‘do as I say’, resulting in conformity through fear-based leadership.

She continues to train in and utilises the latest science and research based methodologies to assist clients fast track their results and achieve their full potential. Methodologies like EDISC Profiling, NLP, Hypnosis and neuroscience.

Jules has been happily married for 29 years to John, has the beautiful pigeon pair Teigan (24) and Cooper (19) and lives a fun and spontaneous life. She is deeply passionate about real estate investing, deep spiritual transformation work, beach walks and quality time with her gorgeous family.

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