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One to One

Empower the leader within. Our One to One, high performance executive leadership coaching program,

Empower your thinking with frameworks, models and tools that allow you to create accelerated problem solving, diverse out of the box thinking and opportunity openings that were previously thought to be impossible or were even out of your thought scope all together. We use more than 200 scientifically backed strategies, systems and frameworks to reprogram what is blocking you unconsciously.

Coaching Stages


Leader in Me

Leader in me is the first stage of the Empower the Leader Within program. It is self-centric focused as we work through your internal programming and processes to grasp, gain more clarity and understanding into the leader you are. Leader In Me runs for approximately 3 month and provides you with a very different perspective on yourself as a Leader.


Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness is stage 2 of the Empower the Leader Within program. This stage is more focused around the team and culture within your Leadership style. Leadership Effectiveness runs for approximately 3 months and it provides you with a more positively lead leadership style that enhances the ability for your team to excel and thrive rather than being ‘managed’.


Leadership Acceleration

Leadership Acceleration is stage 3 of the Empower the Leader Within program and cannot commence without the successful completion of Stages 1 & 2. Stages 1 & 2 lay the foundations, knowledge and understanding to allow, and pave the pathway for the skills, tools, models and processes learnt in Leadership Acceleration to be successfully implemented. So you can fast track your leadership and teams success.


Navigate the Impossible

Navigate the Impossible is Stage 4 of the Empower the Leader Within program. With the successful completion of stages 1,2 & 3, we are then able to commence adjusting to the new possibilities within reach. Learning and implementing inductive thinking rather than deductive thinking, testing the boundaries, and seeing failure as a pathway forward rather than a roadblock. By thinking the same way we have always thought our results and outcomes are predictable based on our previous results and outcomes. By changing the way we think, we create better results, different outcomes and a new space for forward thinking and continuous improvement.

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