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Empower your team with our Group Workshops & Team Coaching Programs for high performance executive teams.

Do you run multiple divisions and cannot seem to bridge the gap between them? Do different talent communication styles within the team cause conflict?

If you want to propel your team into forward thinkers, fast actors and outcome driven talent, that get the RESULTS they are capable of, then this program is for you and your team.



EDISC Profile & Mini Unpack (Personal)

Each member of the team gets their EDISC Profile and mini unpack so they can better understand their own leadership and learning style. By having a better understanding of their own styles it also helps understand how they look for and interpret information, and how they communicate with others. This also provides valuable information about what drives, influences and positively energizes each individual team member. As a leader this information is your secret weapon to creating, sustaining and maintaining a thrivingly healthy and successful work environment and culture.


EDISC Team Dynamic Unpack (Group)

We do a dynamic team breakdown and unpack based on the teams EDISC Profiles. This is extremely beneficial to all team members as it provides understanding around the way each member thinks, feels, acts, behaves and interprets. It provides valuable feedback on how to get the best from your team in terms of your ability to encourage, influence and drive their best results. As a leader, this team unpack is a huge advantage to accelerating your teams success.


EDISC Team Dynamic Unpack (Leader)

As the teams leader you get a dynamic breakdown of each of your team members behavioral profile and learning style. This information is extremely valuable and beneficial as it provides you the knowledge and understanding to each of your team members drivers. This assists you in fostering the ideal positive working environment to encourage and influence each team members ability to thrive and succeed within their role.


Navigate the Impossible

Navigate the Impossible is Stage 4 of the “Empower the Leader Within” program. With the successful completion of stages 1 to 3 we are then able to commence adjusting to the new possibilities within reach. Learning and implementing inductive thinking rather than deductive thinking, testing the boundaries and seeing failure as a pathway forward rather than a roadblock. By thinking the same way we have always thought our results and outcomes are predictable based on our previous results and outcomes but by changing the way we think we create better results, different outcomes and a new space for forward thinking and continuous improvement.

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