Defining Moments

What are defining moments in our life?

I want to talk about one defining moment.. Well I’ll mention a couple, but one moment in particular I want to talk about today.. That is when I was in grade prep.

I was surrounded by the cool kids in the playground and they sent one girl in to get me. I didn’t know what was going to happen.. but I felt in fear. To protect myself.. I bit that girl. I was taken to the principal’s office as punishment for biting.

Now the principal at the time was a nun and as my punishment for what I had done.. The principal bit me. Yes, the school principal bit me. A grade prep. In addition to that.. I was biting at the time to protect myself. I had four older brothers and I was biting my brothers too. My dad also bit me, bit me on the arm and ground his teeth right in and drew blood.

He actually didn’t teach me not to bite..

My dad actually taught me how to bite harder as did the nun.

Adding that in on top, I decided that people in authority weren’t going to look after me. People in authority didn’t protect me, and I had to start to stand up for myself and become the person in authority to look after me.

Not only did I stand up to the people in authority, I also had to stand up and protect the underdog because the people in authority weren’t protecting the underdog either.

I held onto this defining moment, this limiting belief in my life until I was about 45 years of age and started to study in personal development and learned about defining moments.

So the defining moment that happened when I was in grade prep as a five year old, I carried my entire life. People in authority weren’t going to take care of me. I needed to take care of myself. Because I carried that big lump of wood on my shoulder through my whole life, I created a lot of:
– angst
– turmoil
– conflict

I created these in many situations because I was looking for where the person in authority wasn’t taking care of me.. or I was looking for where the person in authority wasn’t taking care of somebody else.

I wasn’t looking for the good and I definitely wasn’t looking for the great situations.

So what are some of the defining moments in your life?
What did you add to that defining moment?

Another one that I know about is my grade three teacher told me that I couldn’t cut straight. I couldn’t cut straight all the way until I was about 45 as I believed that limiting belief and really lived into that I couldn’t cut straight. How crazy is that.

What defining moments happened to you in your childhood that might still be impacting you today that you would benefit from getting rid of?

Mary Jensen
Mindset Master and Behaviour Specialist
M Power Services

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Mary Jensen has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally.