The Imprint Period 0-7 Years of Age

Have you heard the saying:

‘Show me the boy at seven, and I’ll tell you about the man.’

This saying comes from a thing called the imprint period.

The imprint period is between zero and seven years of age and it’s the time when we as humans are a sponge. When we are learning, we are listening, we are interpreting, we are listening to what our parents say, we are listening to the language that they use, we are listening to the tonality and the passion that they use and the body language that they use.
We are also watching the world and are making meanings off of the events, attitudes and behaviors which is creating our beliefs and our values.

As an adult we are running beliefs and values that are perhaps created as a seven year old or younger.

Things like being a:
– people pleaser,
– a black sheep,
– a rebel

If you identify with any of those things.. They come from your imprint period.

People pleasers are saying ‘yes’ when they need to be saying ‘no’.

It’s a business trait that needs to be changed. If you are 40, 50, 60 years old and you are a people pleaser.. You have been saying yes for all those years.. You need to start lifting that muscle to learn how to say ‘no’.

In our signature program which clears out the imprint period, we have a whole week of saying ‘no’.

Imagine walking around for a whole week and saying no to everything.
We ask our clients to have fun with it and to make it as jovial and as fun as possible.
The reason for this is we need to be rebuilding that muscle to say ‘no’ as it has been dormant for so long

The yes muscle is here and it is huge so we need to work that no muscle.

If you know you’re a people pleaser,
If you identify with being a black sheep,
If you identify with being a rebel ,

You know that there is unconscious patterns in there,
You know that you make the same decisions over and over,
You turn the same direction,
You have the same relationships over and over and over,
You know that there’s a better way, but you can’t figure out why or how.

It’s because of these unconscious patterns.

So if you know you’ve got some unconscious patterns that you need to have removed, come and talk to an M Power Services Coach. We are trained to help you get rid of those unconscious pattern. So that you can be the incredible leader, the incredible executive, the incredible person in your life.

Mary Jensen
Mindset Master and Behaviour Specialist
M Power Services

About the Author

Mary Jensen has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally.