Identity is a really big one.

Are we being who we are meant to be?
Have we become who we’re supposed to be?

Or are we programming of all the things that have happened to us in our life?

Are we a people pleaser?
Are we a ball breaker?
Are we soft?
Are we hard?
Who are we?
What is our identity?
Is our identity wrapped around our position?

Is our identity wrapped around who we are?

As a person who is driving your bus, are you driving your bus or is the programming driving your bus? The programming that you’ve received across your life?

Specifically the programming that we are running , we receive between zero and seven. It’s called the imprint period, and it really shapes our identity, who we are and who we be.

When we do something that pleases other people and they smile at us or they say “Good girl or good boy.” We then load a program that when we do this behaviour, we will be liked, we will belong and we will be loved.

What identity do you have today?

Is your identity wrapped up in your role in business?
Is your identity wrapped up in your parenting?
Is your identity wrapped up in where you sit in your role at work?

What is your identity?
Are you happy with your identity?
Do you want to change your identity?

Do you know that there’s things that happen consistently that you wish didn’t happen?

I know that there’s a couple of things I had when I was growing up.. My dad used to poke in the arm. He actually poked pretty hard.. and once he had poked the same spot a couple of times.. it really wasn’t nice.

Oh my goodness. It really hurt and I swore black and blue that I would never do that. But I run the pattern in adulthood and I did go to poke my my kids in the arm.. Twice. I did it on two occasions. I didn’t do it like my dad did because as soon as my finger touched their arms I pulled back. These are things that are ingrained in our identity.

Automatic programs that have been imprinted into us.

Our identity is not necessarily who we are.

Our identity can be loads of programming underneath that are impacting:
– Our behaviour
– How we respond
– How we be
– How we react
– What we choose to do
– Who we choose to be
– The career choices that we think we have

So have a think about it.

Are you happy with your identity?

Are you separate from your identity?

Are you one person at business at work and one another person at home?

I’m really curious to know more.

Tell me about your identity.

Mary Jensen
Mindset Master and Behaviour Specialist
M Power Services

About the Author

Mary Jensen has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally.