Cried At Work

I remember back to January, 2011, I wrote in my diary, if I cry at work 20 times this year, I am leaving. 20 TIMES! What if I only cried 19 times? Why wasn’t it if I cried once at work I’m leaving..

What we put up with is really incredible. I was highly stressed. I was working incredibly long hours. I didn’t have enough team to manage all the work, all the growth, the fast growth that was happening in the company.
I was often challenged with splitting my time between mother activities, parenting activities, and working activities. I was often at work at 11 o’clock at night.

Day 1 to day 8 of the month.. My family knew not to even contact me.. Why would I stay? I don’t even know that year how many times I did or didn’t cry.

A situation arose in July that year.. I no longer worked in that company anymore. So.. I wonder if I signed my contract in January was when I also wrote that sentence.

If I cry at work 20 times, I’m gonna.. Let’s get rid of that. It’s time for women to own who they are and stand up for themselves. If you are in an environment that is making you unhappy even worse than that.. Is making you cry like I was. It’s probably not the place to be.
You want to find somewhere where you are valued and where you go to work and love what you do.You want to match values and beliefs with the company that you’re working in.

That way you’re not just ticking boxes to look successful from the outside world. Looking in, I had everything and was very successful. No one would even probably have realised that I ever cried at work or even thought about crying at work. If you’re working in an environment where you’re not happy and you’re crying at work through stress, anger, frustration or whatever the triggers are, I’d like you to think about finding somewhere else to work.

Mary Jensen
Mindset Master and Behaviour Specialist
M Power Services

About the Author

Mary Jensen has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally.