Communication and Body Language

Do you use your body as a power play?

When someone comes and sits at your desk in your office.. is your chair elevated and their chair lower?

Do you sit in the power position when you are having a conversation to give that perceived power to yourself?

When you want to talk to another leader in your business, do you move to a table or do a couple of chairs where you both on the same level?

Do you want to have those conversations where you are on the same level or are you continuously trying to give the perception that you are the person in power?

Even when you have great conversations and open ended conversations.

If you’re sitting in the position of power.
If you’re behind the desk in the position of power.
If you’re standing over somebody in the position of power.

That position of power will still be perceived no matter what type of communication you are using.

I want to ask you..

In the future.. Would you like to find a space where you and your peers can be on equal standing?

It doesn’t matter who is the leader or who is in the power position.

If you want a cohesive work environment where everybody thrives, increases productivity, production, and profits, then maybe think about lowering your chair or finding a place in the office where you can sit side by side, and nobody is in that position of power, perceived or non perceived.

Mary Jensen
Mindset Master and Behaviour Specialist
M Power Services

About the Author

Mary Jensen has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally.