One of my favourite topics of all time is Communication.

Do you communicate like you have a megaphone?

Do you believe because you’re the leader of the business that you need to be loud or assertive?

Do you want to learn how to communicate better and more effectively?

Maybe with kindness..?

There is many ways to communicate.

As a leader the newest way to communicate is to bring love into business, genuinely wanting to help people and being your true vulnerable authentic self.

In the leader space successful communication comes from curiosity and questioning.

Ask great opening questions.

Ask great open ended questions.

How would you like this to be done..?

What do you suggest is a better way forward..?

What’s your view on how we should implement this..?

Open ended questions is a really great way for leaders to communicate if they want buy in from their talent.

Do not be a megaphone, assertive communicator or a megaphone yell communicator like I used to be in finance.

Learn to soft, kind, curious, open and ask open ended questions.

This is the best way that I found communication to work in the new era of business.

Mary Jensen
Mindset Master and Behaviour Specialist
M Power Services

About the Author

Mary Jensen has designed, led and built teams for over three decades with Award recognition locally and internationally.