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Top 10 Networking Tips

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About Mary Jensen

Mary is a behavioural Specialist focusing on Sales Training, Personal Development and Public Speaking.  She prides herself in continuous education and keeps up with the latest teachings in Sales, Human Behaviour and Meta Dynamics, Mary is a Meta Dynamics practitioner and Profiler and an EDISC consultant and profiler.

25 years as a Senior Finance Executive and Financial Controller.  Mary’s expertise was gained with large national ASX listed companies and a number of large Global Corporate’s.  It was her work in Mergers and Acquisitions’ that sparked her interest in Human Behaviour.   From the very beginning Mary has always been known as the Change Merchant, believing there is always a better way and finding it.

Mary has an innate ability to quickly understand people and teach them how to communicate more effectively.  This has advantages in ALL business relationships, Sales, Leadership and Team environments and also on a Personal Level.

If you are an Entrepreneur, Solopreneur or Business Startup and your challenge is Sales, Mary has strategies, templates and scripts to help you communicate with your buyers; they can then make the best informed buying decision.  Sales are a relationship, it’s not about who talks the most.Over the last 25 years she has had the opportunity to personally mentor and provide business strategies to business owners in diverse range of industries. She has guided the growth and success of SME’s with $500k of revenue, right through to national programs with more than $100million of turnover.

Millie has a profound ability to effectively ascertain how people are motivated. At the heart of her success is a deep understanding of how to use this knowledge to build highly effective relationships that drive personal and business outcomes.

In this way, Millie brings LEADERSHIP & VISION to the businesses she works with. But perhaps most importantly, in working to create massive turnarounds in her clients business & personal lives, Millie offers PROVEN FIX IT TOOLS that will immediately effect key relationships.

If you are ready to grow and create a better lifestyle for yourself, if you are looking to move your business to the next level of success Millie has a wealth of insight and experience to share.

Mix and Mingle with this awesome woman!