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To Get the Most out of the Tool

  • Do not aim at balancing out your questions across the test. Choose an item that best represents you and is the first that comes to mind.
  • Aim to be objective and accurate in the representation of your preference.
  • If you demonstrate the occurrence of a statement naturally and consistently, this means it is most like you.
  • If the statement needs prompting from someone, this means it is least like you.
  • You must be able to recall demonstrating the behaviour for it to be most like you, not assume you have it.
  • Answer the test based on what you currently are and not what you ideally would like to be.

Advice for Candidates

Complete the assessment as honestly as possible.  It is as simple as that.  You want to be able to provide behaviour examples which are often sought based on your profile - being honest will provide a truer picture of you, provide genuine examples, easily.  Finally, it is important for both the profiler and individual to understand that the results are not an absolute measure but an encompassing view of where the individual's thinking level is and the areas of development that are to be addressed for intended growth.

The Meta Dynamics TM Profiling Tool is a 16-dimension questionnaire that assesses an individuals's preferences particularly in the everyday context.  Each dimension refers to a specific part of thinking styles such as influencing, resiliency, outcome focused etc.

The questionnaire requires an individual to respond to behavioural statements such as "I influence people's opinion" in terms of their agreement or disagreement with the item.  Similarly to most personality and behavioural assessments such as the Occupational Personality Questionnaire and eDISC. the Meta Dynamics TM Profiling Tool also links back to NEO-PI(R) Personality Test, MBTI and Big 5 Model of personality which has long become a widely accepted model of personality and behavioural assessments for decades.

Here's What Other Clients Had To Say

I worked with Mary Jensen where we discussed my anxiety and also some profiling. I took a lot away from the session's and today I think back on them to help me when its needed. Mary was very calming and relaxed and made the whole process even easier. As we discussed the topic’s I brought up, Mary made it easy to discuss and was able to put me into a hypnotic state that help me with the anxiety. One session went for almost 2 hours and felt like 5 minutes. Mary Jensen preformed professionally and honestly and helped me with what I needed help with. I would recommend her to anyone that is in need of any Confidence issue, Anxiety or Sales Training.


Mary helped me to let go of my limiting beliefs around work and life choices.

My limiting beliefs were holding me back from progressing towards my professional and personal targets.

Mary used versatile coaching techniques, which made the process easy to implement in everyday life. The most important part is that Mary held me accountable and responsible for my life’s results.

Mary showed me one of NLP techniques to let go of my limiting beliefs and used that opportunity to strengthen the bond with my son.

I have learned that I can do anything I set my mind to. My potential is unlimited.

Thank you Mary for this profound transformational coaching!