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Sales Mastery 6 Week Intensive

How To Double Your Sales & Create the Business of your Dreams In 6 Weeks.

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If You Think About It, You're Actually Pretty Lucky...

You’ve found your life-long calling - you’re a business owner, a change-agent, someone who makes other people’s lives better. In fact, when you get a chance to be in your element and deliver your product or your service, you’re an absolute star and people love you!

You simply want to find more people whose lives you can impact and live the lifestyle you deserve. Being completely free and making a difference!

You feel like you don’t spend enough time on marketing and sales. You know it’s important, you just don’t know where to start! So many people give you advice and it's hard to find clarity on what ACTUALLY WORKS amongst the noise. You have a website, you're giving Facebook a crack and even going to networking events to find prospects, but, you just aren’t seeing an influx of clients, in fact clients are few and far between.

You go to sleep at night wondering what it’s going to take to move your business forwards and finally be the successful business owner you truly want to become.

You dream of the day you will become the "Successful Business Owner" you were born to be, living fearlessly and freely and leaving the legacy you were destined to leave.

How can you have it all? By spending so much time in the business, you’re losing out on doing the things you love to do (and there's still so much to learn). Cash flow isn’t great and your family and friends aren’t seeing as much of you as they’d like. This isn't you -- the best you.

It's not your fault...and you're not alone.

We’ve helped countless numbers of business owners go from a couple of clients to  Doubling their Sales…rapidly.

You see, just like you, we have a desperate obsessive focus to change lives and we have channelled years of experience, countless businesses and hundreds of thousands of dollars in education to create a Blueprint for rapid growth. A formula for you to go from zero to hero in 6 Weeks and live the lifestyle you've always dreamt of living.

You actually can have it all.

All it takes is a killer plan, step by step structure, and then focusing on the right strategies weekly.

Let us hold your hand and walk you through every step of the way to implementing a formula to Double Your Sales in 6 Weeks.

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What You'll Be Mastering in The Challenge:

  • The Exact Week-By-Week Proven Blueprint ANY Business Owner Can Use To Double their Sales in 6 Weeks Or Less
  • How To more deeply understand Yourself using the EDISC behaviour analysis tool
  • How To quickly identify the Communication style of your Clients
  • The power of influence and Tonal Persuasion
  • The Simple 4 Step Process That Any Business Owner can use to Double Sales
  • 60 minute one on one clarity session to set yourself up to succeed from Day 1

Here's What Other Clients Had To Say

Mary Jensen is a phenomenal coach, holds the space for you, is inquisitive and knows her stuff! If you want to create immediate breakthroughs in your business and personal life, you are in safe hands with Mary.

Mary at M Power Services will take you on a journey like no other and create space for you to make change and hold you accountable. Her no-nonsense, no-holding back attitude means you will think of things like you have never before, giving you the opportunity to create new possibilities, you previously would not have thought possible.

Mary created a real breakthrough for me in one session which has given me the opportunity to break out of a negative pattern I never knew I had that was affecting my business sales. When you engage with Mary at  M Power services you will create breakthroughs, change and create a sales mindset that will take you to the next level.

Wendy Plummer, Eminence co.

I worked with Mary Jensen where we discussed my anxiety and also some profiling. I took a lot away from the session's and today I think back on them to help me when its needed. Mary was very calming and relaxed and made the whole process even easier. As we discussed the topic’s I brought up, Mary made it easy to discuss and was able to put me into a hypnotic state that help me with the anxiety. One session went for almost 2 hours and felt like 5 minutes. Mary Jensen preformed professionally and honestly and helped me with what I needed help with. I would recommend her to anyone that is in need of any Confidence issue, Anxiety or Sales Training.


Mary helped me to let go of my limiting beliefs around work and life choices. My limiting beliefs were holding me back from progressing towards my professional and personal targets. Mary used versatile coaching techniques, which made the process easy to implement in everyday life. The most important part is that Mary held me accountable and responsible for my life’s results.

Mary showed me one of NLP techniques to let go of my limiting beliefs and used that opportunity to strengthen the bond with my son.  I have learned that I can do anything I set my mind to. My potential is unlimited.

Thank you Mary for this profound transformational coaching!

Slava Gorovoy , Mastermind Coaching

Do You Qualify For The Challenge?

Who IS This For?

  • Business Owners Who Are Committed To Growing Their Businesses
  • Action Takers That Will Implement Everything They Learn At The Event
  • People Who Are 100% Focused On Their Businesses (No Side Projects)
  • People Who Care About Increasing Their Sales
  • Business Owners Who Are Willing To Invest In Themselves, Their Marketing And Growing Their Businesses!

Who ISN'T This For?

  • People Who Want To Talk, but, Not Act
  • People Who Aren't Willing To Implement
  • Business Owners Who Do Not Care About Their Clients
  • People Who Aren't Willing To Back Themselves With A High-End Product (I.e. Struggling With Personal Investment)
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We will stay with you Till you Double Your Sales

Because we have helped so many people achieve their financial goals rapidly, if you aren’t 100% certain that you will Double Your Sales in 6 weeks, we promise to stay with you till you Double Your Sales, as long as you are following the step-by-step instructions AND taking ACTION.